The Kringleset Chronicles: Rise Up, Rise Up!

Published date: November 2020

So you think you know about Christmas? Well that’s what Kara thought – until she hitched a ride on the back of Santa’s sleigh. Ending up in Kringleset, part of the magical realm of Yulehagen, was not what she expected, nor was being stuck there for a Whole Year! As Kara comes to terms with her new life she is amazed to learn that Christmas isn’t made, it’s grown – on a farm!

Kara is the first human to discover that Kringleset exists, but this is no coincidence. Powerful magic has brought her there for her to discover who she really is.

Dark forces are rising – Christmas and Yulehagen are going to need her. But first Kara must learn to believe in herself and her destiny….only then will she be able to save Christmas – for everyone.

The Kringleset Chronicles – It’s Christmas meets Narnia!